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EasTheme provides is a Wordpress developer that provides a variety of Wordpress services, our professional Wordpress developers have a variety of experiences in providing Wordpress solutions. We understand clients' needs and then try to provide tailor-made solutions for their business.

We can speed up website loading, implement the features you want, customize your website design, customize plugins, or order custom themes just for you.

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    We works (UTC +7) 10:00 to 18:00 Mon-Sat

    Custom Jobs Roadmap

    After you and the developer reach an agreement and pay a down payment, the developer will let you know when he can start Custom Work, and how much time he will need to complete it.

    How much is your hourly rate

    No, We do not set hourly rates, but we do use rates for each of your requests, so we can provide low prices but still give our best results. You can also negotiate the rate of each request you want, so that we can be closer to you

    Can you just make a theme for me?

    Yes, we can create exclusive themes just for you, we will make themes according to your request such as design, features and integration with third party plugins. We will no longer sell your theme or use your designs for our products or other people's orders.

    Are there any additional costs for revisions?

    If the revision is very large, maybe we will add a little extra cost, but if it is small we can give it free. Try to be more specific when you explain your needs and listen to our developer opinion, he is a professional to trust. If you change your mind a few times - we can adapt easily.

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    I do my best to keep you happy with your order, our goal is to do the job for performance and affordability.







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